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Why to apply for our MBA programs?


to improve and systemize your knowledge and professional skills

Professional Experience

to integrate best practical experience into your day-to-day business activities


to get Russian and Swiss MBA Diplomas and Certificates


to extend business cooperation
in Russia and internationally


to improve your personal status
in a professional community


to increase personal income


to achieve career growth and success


to study alongside developing your professional career

Exclusive international educational project in St. Petersburg
with the participation of:

Parul University
(Vadodara, Gujarat State, India)

Indian Institute of Foreign Trade IIFT
(New Delhi, India)

University of Stellenbosch Business School
(South Africa)

SRH Hochchule Berlin

Strategic Partners

About IIBN


IIBN Business School in St Petersburg Study Consortium is one of the leading business schools located in St Petersburg, Russia, which is specialized in organizing and implementing of consultancy, research projects and study programs at the MSc, MBA, Phd and executive (postgraduate) levels in the fields of business, finance, banking, management and economics, public administration and law.

Key facts about IIBN:

IIBN is a leading member of Study Consortium in St Petersburg, which we established in a partnership with St Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SPbCCI) and St Petersburg Institute of Management and Law (SPIGL);

IIBN has a prestigious status of strategic partner of the Representation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia in Saint-Petersburg;

✔ We organize and deliver study programs (incl. MSc, Phd, MBA, Russian-Swiss double MBA, EMBA, Mini-MBA, short-term certificate courses for executives and management trainings) in our network cooperation;

IIBN cooperates with top Russian companies, financial organizations, administrative bodies and local authorities in Russia and with foreign universities, business schools and international companies. We organize and deliver double degree MBA program with UBIS University (Geneva, Switzerland) for international and Russian students.

Campus Life


Key facts about SPIGL:

St Petersburg Institute of Management and Law (SPIGL) was founded in 1994 and currently represents 2 campuses in St Petersburg and Novgorod;

From the very beginning St Petersburg Institute of Management and Law has rapidly achieved its firm position in the niche of elite higher education in the fields of management, finance, economics, public and administration law in Russia;

SPIGL includes the faculties and centers:

  • Faculty of International Management and Tourism
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Public Administration
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Psychology
  • International and Business Educational Center (IBEC)

Today, SPIGL is demonstrating steady growth while developing a diverse range of educational services including undergraduate, bachelor, master (specialist), MBA programs, executive and PhD education;

St Petersburg Institute of Management and Law has achieved international awards and recognition, in particular:

SPIGL is developing mutually beneficial partner relations with foreign universities, business schools, companies, financial institutions and associations.

Brochure SPIGL


Licenses and Accreditation:

License № 1773 from 25.08.2011 (permanent) gives the right to provide the higher educational services

SPIGL is accredited by the Russian Federation Ministry of Education (cert. №1288 from 23.12.2011)

Degree Programs

The system of studies at St Petersburg Institute of Management and Law is in line with the international Education Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

To obtain a degree, a full-time workload at the bachelor level equals to 240 ECTS credits (4 years), at the master level – 120 ECTS credits (2 years).

MBA diploma programs are various accordingly to the format (onground/online/blended).

Bachelor and Master (Specialist) degree programs:


  • Management
  • Economics
  • Marketing (*New)
  • Public Administration
  • Law
  • Psychology


  • Business Management and Economics
  • Logistics
  • Tourism and Hotel Management
  • Financial Management (*New)
  • Accounting, Analysis, Audit
  • Governmental and Municipal Service
  • Management of Governmental and Municipal Property
  • Human Resource Management

Business Education

Business education at St Petersburg Institute of Management and Law, including MBA, Executive MBA and other programs, are of priority importance in the university comprehensive educational chain. They are designed to further deepen personal and professional strengths of students. SPIGL’s MBA graduates are potential leaders and top-executives with strong system of knowledge and skills.

SPIGL also offers a portfolio of executive education programs and management trainings developed together with partner universities and business schools in Russia and abroad.

MBA diploma programs:

  • Financial Management
  • Financial and Banking Management (*New Russian-Swiss Double MBA diploma program)
  • Banking Management (*New)
  • Marketing Management (*New)

International and Business Educational Center

International and Business Educational Center (IBEC) is a unit at St Petersburg Institute of Management and Law established and managed in a corporate partnership with International Institute of Business Networking in St Petersburg.

IBEC at SPIGL is developing cooperation with academic and corporate partners in Russia and abroad in the following fields:

  • student and staff exchanges at BSc/MSc(Specialist) / Phd / executive levels;
  • executive education (specifically, certificate and MBA programs);
  • research projects.


The key advantages of the enrollment in our programs:

✔ our faculty and guest speakers have a significant practical experience at top management and governance positions in real businesses and governmental bodies in Russia and Switzerland;
✔ prestigious status and recognition of our programs;
✔ high quality diplomas and certificates upon the completion;
✔ our programs are designed on the basis of the exchange of international experience and successful practices;
✔ flexibility and individual approach;
✔ opportunities of professional networking.

Take your MBA education international:
double degree MBA, triple degree MBA

Choose your MBA education international!

Benefits for students:

➦ Study in up to 3 countries

➦ Earn up to 3 degrees

➦ Set up your study curricilum (residency, or combined with online for executives)

➦ Study successful practices with our faculties coming from top companies and governmental structures

➦ Extend your professional and business networking

➦ Expand your business internationally

In a period of a degree semester, you can earn:

An MBA degree at IIBN Business School, IIBN’s Study Consortium in Saint-Petersburg

An MBA degree at Parul University (one of the Indian Premier Universities)

logo-1An MBA degree at Zagreb School of Economics and Management (one of the leaders among business schools in Europe, AASCB Accredited)

An MBA degree at UBIS University (Swiss Universities Consortium)


Boost your international career while getting degrees and professional experience with us!

Start Date: January, 2018

For details about fees, grants for students, accommodation and other practicalities, please do not hesitate to contact our International Office.

About Russian Language Studies

✔ Master in Russian Studies diploma program

✔ Russian Language short-term courses with double certification

✔ Application

✔ Russian-Indian Center

✔ Accommodation

Short-term Programs for executives (portfolio, 2017)

✔ Managing Business and Organizations in Russia: for Top and Senior Managers Oriented to Extend Cooperation in Russia

✔ Protocol Support of International Activity in Cooperation with Russian Partners

✔ Enterprise Risk Management

✔ Cross-cultural Management: Leadership in a Multi-cultural Organization

✔ Managing Human Resources as a Key Driver of Sustained Financial Performance of Organizations

✔ Strategic Management: Strengthening a Competitive Advantage

✔ Building an Organization Capable of Efficient Strategy Execution

✔ Value Chain Strategies

✔ Strategies for Competing in International Markets

✔ Finance for Decision Making

✔ Project Management

✔ Managing Commercial Contracts

✔ Performance Management

✔ Corporate Finance

✔ Brand Management


About MBA programs

Our MBA (Executive MBA) programs are available for:

✎ double degree MBA students;
✎ students at a graduate, or postgraduate level;
✎ companies’ executives.

Mode of delivery: onground/online/blended

Format: full-time/part-time

For more details about admission requirements please contact our International Office.

The structure of MBA in Financial and Banking Management

  Courses ECTS
I. Core Courses (30 ECTS, optional 5 / 7)
1.1 Managerial Accounting 6
1.2 Corporate Finance 6
1.3 International Banking Business 6
1.4 International Taxation 6
1.5 International Management 6
1.6 International Marketing 6
1.7 Cross-cultural Communications 6
Total: 30
II. Optional Specialized Courses (15 ECTS)
  To be transferred by SPIGL from students’ academic transcripts
Total: 15
III. Research Thesis 15
Total: 60



To apply for our MBA programs, students should present accordingly to the admissions requirements:

  • copy of university degree diploma;
  • copy of passport;
  • filled enrollment form;
  • confirmation of work experience;
  • CV;
  • results of TOEFL/IELTS English placement exam, or Certified copy of the CAE (Certificate in Advanced English), or university’s placement test.

The structure of MBA in Strategic Management

  Courses ECTS
I. Core Courses (30 ECTS)
1.1 Corporate Finance 6
1.2 Managerial Accounting 3
1.3 Performance Management 3
1.4 International Management 6
1.5 International Marketing 6
1.6 Cross-cultural Communications I 3
1.7 Cross-cultural Communications II: Protocol Support of International Activity 3
Total: 30
II. Optional Specialized Courses (15 ECTS)
Total: 15
III. Research Thesis 15
Total: 60

The structure of Master in Public Administration

  Courses ECTS
I. Core Courses (30 ECTS)
1.1 Finance and Leadership 6
1.2 Managerial Accounting 3
1.3 Performance Management 3
1.4 International Management 6
1.5 Project Management 6
1.6 Cross-cultural Communications I 3
1.7 Cross-cultural Communications II: Protocol Support of International Activity 3
Total: 30
II. Optional Specialized Courses (15 ECTS)
Total: 15
III. Research Thesis 15
Total: 60


Tran Chi Hieu,
Societe Generale Viet Finance — Societe Generale Group

Bach Thai Vinh,
VPBank — Consumer Finance Division

Campus Life